About Us

Country Chick Designs was started in our home, on the farm.  We are an agriculture family with horses, cats, dogs, cows, and chickens.  Our name reflects that we are a business owned and operated by country chicks!

Jeanne has a background in business as owning her own wallpapering business since 1981 and when the grand kids came along, she started doing embroidery for fun and gifts.  This bloomed into more than a hobby over the years.  Once she discovered making T shirts, that lead to her daughter jumping on board in 2016 and the business took off.  From working in the spare bedroom, her husband build her a shop so she would have more space.  Which was quickly filled with more equipment!   

In her spare time, Jeanne enjoys horseback riding, redoing furniture, and spending time with her friends and family.

Kristina is a special education teacher at Arapaho-Butler schools.  Kristina jumped on board with Country Chick last year and is a great asset!  She takes nearly all the pictures of items we have made, creates designs, works on the book keeping and website.  She is also the one who has great ideas to keep Jeanne on track. 

 When she's not working on lesson plans, she enjoys her garden, horseback riding, tending to the cattle, and running.  She thinks a short run is 5 miles!

Occasionally you might see a silly photo with a white cow on an item. That is Charlie, the farm favorite.  

Thanks for visiting and we hope to meet many of you in person!